Remoted FM-DX-site in Jurmo

This is a blog to introduce our low-tech remoted FM-DX-site in distant Jurmo-island in SW Finland. The site is located in the harbour over the sea in a little storage-cabin. It takes 2 h by car and 3,5 h by a ship to get there.

In the summer 2012 we had this very same equimpent in Utö-island, 13 km farer, but we had to move from there because of  coming new installations by the authorities. Last year's Utö-installation is here. There are also more descriptions about the installations and faced challencies of this system.
Right now we do not have remote controlled antenna rotator. The power supply broke ARS-USB-device
and we will install it later. So, we have two stable horizontal antennas to different directions.

Jurmo is very very beautiful island with only 10 - 20 inhabitants. The geology, nature and history are unique. More information about Jurmo.  Click the photos for better view: